Develop Native Desktop Apps with JavaScript

Latest Release: 2.2.2 1.6k Stars on Github @tintjs on Twitter

Simple, yet powerful, Tint program cross-platform desktop apps with the languages and tools you already know; HTML, CSS and Javascript. Tint lets you to use desktop UI elements and the latest HTML 5 APIs. It handles the low-level, intricate, cross-platform build details; so you can focus on creating awesome desktop apps.

Quickly and Simply Build Desktop Apps


Use Panda.js, Three.js and/or HTML5 inside an embedded webview. Do you like Unity? Use it, or you can plug directly into openGL.


Securely access integrated intranet asset management systems. Micromanage, Human Resources, Rewards, collaborate, Secure Workspaces for File Sharing, Project Management & Collaboration for teams.


Git client, Database editor, Language compiler with livereload, build notification from the status bar.


Social media aggregator, instant messaging, secure team collaboration.


Create collaborative kanban boards, time trackers or communication channels.


Controls or dashboards for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Tessel2.

How To Use Tint

  1. Install the runtime.
  2. Write your code in javascript and node.
  3. Build a desktop app for Windows or OSX.
How Does Tint Work?

Try it out for yourself.

Single Developer

  • Educational
  • $99
  • Not-For-Profit License
  • GUI Compiler and Bundler
  • 3 Months Email Support
  • 3 Months of Upgrades
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  • Professional
  • $299
  • Commercial License
  • Debugger Included
  • GUI Compiler and Bundler
  • 6 Months Email Support
  • 6 Months of Upgrades
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